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A stuntman working pre-production for the seventh Harry Potter film has been seriously injured, possibly even facing being paralyzed. Wish him a speedy and full recovery!

Patrick Swayze also needs best wishes as he struggles with his serious fight against cancer. Lisa, his loving wife of over 30 years, is by his side. He needs all the strength he can get and we're hoping that he feels better!

Faye Dunaway smacks down Hilary Duff! The Duffster has reportedly been cast in a remake of "Bonnie & Clyde", which snagged 10 Oscars with the original Dunaway/Warren Beatty line-up. Dunaway was quoted as saying, "Can't they cast a real actress?" Kinda got to agree with Dunaway on that one! Hilary's a cutie, but I don't know if she can cut it in anything beyond a Disney Princess movie...

Ashton Kutcher caught freaking out on his next door neighbor for starting construction at 7:30 AM. (Los Angeles city allows construction to start at 7 AM - that's how we roll on the West Coast, bitches! We know how to get shit done.) He's got some incredibly creative swear words for his formerly friendly neighbor, including "owl feces cougar placenta." It was really early - are we sure Ashton wasn't confused and just shouting out a string of secret ingredients in Demi's face cream? 


Cher.JPGNeedless to say, we've been having a blast in Vegas! The Warhol (and friends) exhibit at the Bellagio Museum was amazing. It's a small collection, but it was worth the visit. We obviously weren't allowed to take photos, but I can tell you that we saw Warhol's famous "Flowers" piece and it is beautiful. I took Larry to see Caesar sing afterwards - at least we had stiff drinks and loose slots for entertainment! Tom Jones was everything I'd hoped he would be - he played all the hits and still has an incredible voice. Again, we weren't allowed to take photos so I hope you can imagine how spectacular it was. He has gray hair and beard now, which I personally think is great - much better than the Grecian Formula look! We haven't had much luck on the Bunny front - no Holly Madison/Criss Angel sightings yet. We did run into Cher. Is it just me or is she looking totally skinny? She must be on the no-carb diet... One more day to see if we can break our (ex) Bunny luck!

[Photo Credit: me]

It's Not Unusual...

Tom_Jones.jpg...at least in Vegas to see Tom Jones and Andy Warhol in one day! We're off to the art museum at  the Bellagio for the the Warhol exhibit and then seeing Tom Jones this evening at the MGM Grand! I think I might explode from excitement! I can't think of anything more Vegas than Mr. Jones. Last night was a flurry of activity on the strip, visiting a multitude of casinos and wrapping up the evening at locals-only tiki bar off the main drag. Yes, we left with the required tourist mugs and a bellies full of fruit drinks! I'll be checking in later. Thanks again for sticking with me during the madness of Nevada!

Update: Jen & The Oscars

jennifer_aniston.jpgWell dang-it, now I'm just confused! Star Magazine, once again reporting a possible scoop, is claiming that Jennifer Aniston has been asked to present at the Oscars and it's boyfriend John Mayer that's encouraging her to do it! Oh, my head is spinning! Who is correct - msnbc.com or Star? Are they together or not? Our dear friend, time, will tell! Aniston starred in one of the top-grossing films of 2008, Marley & Me with Owen Wilson, and is expected to make a huge splash in the upcoming He's Just Not That Into You. It will be a huge coup for the Acadamy if this is true. The Oscar ceremony would mark the first event that Jen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie simultaneously attended. Both parties have been known to change plans to avoid uncomfortable run-ins. Viewing for the Oscars has been down number-wise in years past and this would ensure lots of people tuning in for the possible drama! I, for one, hope this is true and I'll definitely be watching. I'm rooting for an Aniston come-back!

Dirty Deeds

star-mag-jessica-simpson-cvr.jpgI recognize that when I put the words "Star" and "is reporting" together that all credibility goes out the window, so take the next item with a grain of salt... Word about town is that Tony Romo, Cowboy quarterback and current beau Jessica Simpson, had a nice little party for himself recently. He not only entertained guests but a pretty lil filly as well - in Jessica's bed! Sounds like  naughty stuff! Star Magazine has scooped the gossip world before, so it will be interesting to see how this all shakes down! Jessica has not been popular with Cowboy fans, despite being a native Texan, and her career seems to be in a spiral. Her most recent gig was at a chili cookoff.

Alba's History Lesson

jessica-alba.jpgClick here to read Jessica Alba's response to Bill O'Reilly  calling her a "pinhead" for referencing Sweden, instead of the more oft thought of Switzerland, in regards to being neutral on political issues. It's pretty funny!

Not Target!

target_logo.gifTarget - the place I know I probably shouldn't shop at because I'm sure they have some unfair policies I wouldn't dig but that's where I get all my cool stuff and hey, at least it's not Wal*Mart where I would never ever go - is also feeling the crunch of the economy as they lay off 1,500 people. Target can't go under! Where will I find all the things I want, need and desire under one roof? On a serious note, my heart goes out to all those folks who have recently learned of this lay off and the many, many more who have already experienced the same.

[Image via and cool stuff to purchase at: www.target.com]

He's Just Not That Into You

hes-not-into-you-book.jpgYep, I did it - and I bet I'm not the first. MSNBC.com is reporting that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have broken up - again. Was it the "self-affirmation" tape in the trash debacle that did it, as we predicted on this very site? We may never know, but if the rumors are true Jen will be heading into the month of February - which marks her upcoming birthday and release of a new movie - as a single lady. The film, based of the popular book of the same name by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, is titled "He's Just Not That Into You" and has many wondering why Aniston would star in such a movie when her name has become intrinsically linked with the concept. I hope she proves them all wrong by rockin' it in this movie and finding true love this year. Find your inner Yoko, Jen!

[Cover Image via and book available for purchase at: www.amazon.com]


A few updates from the real world of gossip:

Olivia Newton John's long-lost former fiance may not be dead! Rumors are surfacing that he may have faked his own death to evade debt and allow his son to cash in an a hefty life-insurance policy. Pretty crazy story - and an awful thing to do to a loved one! Can you imagine the pain Olivia went through, thinking her fiance was dead and not being able to have any closure? 

Yucky! Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood smooching at the Screen Actor Guild awards, cementing whispers that the two have been possibly hooking up since starring as father and daughter in The Wrestler. God, that girl has some really weird taste in men. I wonder if this is true... 

PETA may not get to run the suggestive ads they'd been planning to air during the upcoming Superbowl unless they make some heavy edits on the 30-second spot. Come on, vegetables are sexy! In other Superbowl news, this marks the first year I learned that Arizona even had a football team. Congrats, AZ!

Cox-Mohr, on purpose... comedian and actor Jay Mohr is legally changing his name to Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr to reflect his marriage to Nikki Cox. While romantic it seems to be a funny career move - although he is a comedian so it might be quite brilliant!

Mena, Is That You?

Doesn't this chick look like Mena Suvari, via her American Beauty days? Alas, this pretty lady reportedly works at the famed Glitter Gulch Gentleman's club - which I will confirm or deny for you as I intend to frequent this joint in the name of research! You can read about the lovely and very real Mena here

[Photo Credit: me!]

I Didn't Know They Were Friends

I was at the airport yesterday to pick up my honey and I had a near celebrity sighting! I saw what looked like Pete Wentz and Jim James from My Morning Jacket walking around the baggage claim area. Ahh, how cute! It was two stylish band boys, not them at all, but I had the briefest flash of an adorable, budding indie-rock friendship cemented by a little get-away. I wanted to snap their picture for ya'll, but alas I had no photo release forms on me. Unlike Ty, the alleged makers of the "no they're not the First Daughters" beanie babies, I do respect the rights of private citizens!

I Made A Mistake!

As you know, I'm in Vegas and I just can't write enough about how excited I am! So excited that I wasn't paying close enough attention to some important information. I wrote here that CineVegas was going on right now and this is not the case! I apologize for any confusion. The actual event will take place June 10 -15, 2009 and it sounds like an amazing time. It also happens to fall near my birthday, so I might have to make the trek to check it out! In the meantime, CineVegas is hosting a special green series screening right now, held every other Saturday until March 7, 2009. Click here for more information. Apparently Mudslides, while delicious, do not lead to accuracy in reporting!

I Can't Say It Any Better!

best-tail.JPGBest sign so far, from the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in the Fremont Street Experience. Someone's marketing director deserves a raise - so cheeky!

[Photo Credit: me!]

Whoops! Did I Throw That Out?

John-Mayer.jpgJohn Mayer, Jen Aniston's current beau and celebrated attention whore, recently threw out an "affirmation tape" and TMZ just happened to snatch it out of the trash! Watch the video here, it's pretty hilarious. Thanks TMZ! John has caught serious heat from Jennifer in the past for speaking out to the press, but he's also a ham that loveslovesloves the spotlight. One has to wonder if he was looking over his shoulder with a wink as he drop this tape into the garbage! He is entertaining and does have a good sense of humor - even when calling Brad Pitt "Benjamin Brat" when referring to Pitt's latest film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which has nabbed Brad an Oscar nod. Will see if Mayer gets a little spanking from Aniston or if he can play this one off...

The Skies Are A Little More Friendly, For Now

Southwest Airlines has sparked a flurry of lower fares in hopes of luring customers. If you have any inclination to fly, now is the time! Other airlines have taken note and there are some amazing deals that go beyond SW, extending to some overseas travel. A friend of mine just purchased a round-trip ticket to London for approximately $500. It's scary times with this recession and it's sad that deals mean people are in trouble - but I think a lot of us are feeling very hopeful that our new President will help turn things around.

Ohh, Lot's Of Options!

The 2009 CineVegas Film Festival is happening right now, with films running through the rest of the month. There's always the probability of several celebrities roaming Vegas - but this really ups the odds! I'll keep you all posted - of course. I'm here until January 30, so I'll have plenty of time to get the scoop!

[UPDATE: This information is incorrect. The event does not take place until June 10 - 15, 2009. Please read the post with the correct information here. I apologize for any confusion!]

Is Long Duck Dong The Daddy?

Molly_Ringwald.jpg80's icon Molly Ringwald - best known for her roles in Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club - is hopping on the hottest celebrity trend, getting some little accessories of her own. The pretty red-head is due to give birth to twins this summer. You can't just have one! (See Angelina Jolie, Marcia Cross, J.Lo - it's a long list) She has one daughter, age 5, and the family currently spends most of their time in London. Congratulations! 

Happy Days

Happy-days.jpgIt really gives the title new meaning in this context... Hustler is set to make a porn version of the classic sitcom "Happy Days" and Scott Baio won't be starring as himself! Golly, what will they think of next? Shooting took place yesterday, the wrap party is today. That's how they roll in the blue industry! No word on how Ralph "The Mouth" will fit into the script, but with a nickname like that I'd say pretty prominently!

I'm Goin' Rabbit Hunting...

crissangel_holly.jpgHop away, little Bunny! While in Vegas I'm going full-force on operation "I've got to see Holly Madison and Criss Angel in person." OMG! I might go blind - from sheer evil! Ha-ha! For those of you that don't know... Holly was Hugh Hefner's "#1 Girlfriend" out of a trio, best known for her calculating "starring-role" on E!'s The Girls Next Door which featured a snippet of life inside the Playboy Mansion. The relationships between Hef and the three bunnies: Holly, Bridget and Kendra, has since ended in a most spectacular way. Holly, the alleged love-of-Hef's-life, has since taken up with shady Las Vegas magician Criss Angel - a reported womanizer. I personally can't think of anything more entertaining than roaming the strip, drink in hand, in hopes of catching these two in the flesh. You never know - rumor has it that Angel's current Strip production has recently started touting 1/2 price tickets, so I might have to pop in. Vegas - the land of dreams! I'll keep you posted...

What's In Your Hole?

I apologize to all you faithful readers who went a day without posts! I was in transit to lovely Las Vegas -  a favorite place of mine. The trek didn't provide me with much opportunity for bloggin'. I've since gambled the penny slots and had something called a "Full-Yard Mudslide" so I don't think this will be a long session... That said, I appreciate everyone's generous support thus far - please stick with me while I take some time to run around the Strip. Fewer posts might appear this week, but I'll be back in full-force in a few days. Here's a photo of my favorite game from this evening called "Lucky Meerkats." Is it safe for us to give Paris the code-name "Meerkat"? It will be our lil' inside joke! What treasure waits inside the mystery hole indeed!

[Photo Credit: me and my mudslide]

J. Love Hewitt Is Rollin' Like A Man!

Jennifer_Love_Hewitt.jpgThis is hilarious! Perez Hilton has a post about Jennifer Love Hewitt and how she likes to cat around. Well, he says something a lot nastier which you can read about here. Anyways, Love  recently broke it off with her fiance, Ross McCall, and rumors are swirling that she possibly cheated on him - and this alleged incident does not mark the first time! My favorite part of this story is where an ex of hers describes, on the Howard Stern Show no less, how she gave him a Cartier infinity ring - only to find out that another "gentleman" in rival boyband received the same ring. Dude, that is so pimp! That totally smacks of a rich-older-man type who gets his ladies a Tiffany key chain as a parting gift. Thanks for playing - literally! Why the double standard, Perez? Society holds different ideals and thusly expects different behavior from women. I think it's kinda awesome if she actually did this - shellin' out bucks for the "I love you, really baby" bling. Why not? If you swing the other way, you'll just end up suppressing nature - just ask Angelina Jolie

Why Use Fur?

jason-wu.jpgJason Wu, the celebrated designer whose dress Michelle Obama chose to wear for one of the biggest nights of her life, is planning a runway show the will significantly feature fur! It's a terrible choice on a lot of levels - most significantly the pointless murder of many animals. It also seems odd in these economic times that someone would choose to flaunt such a "luxury" item. He's a young 26, so he gets a little break, but everyone has usually learned what constitutes murder by his/her 20's! I'm sure Mrs. Obama must be a little bummed to have unwittingly dropped Wu in the spotlight, given this choice. 

Betty Meets Larry!

ugly-betty-dvd.jpgOMG! Big news - at least for me and my honey! I have a confession... I watch Ugly Betty. I love the show and I'm proud to admit it. That's not the  news, but bear with me. It was quite a shock to view the most recent episode "Sisters On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown" and realize that the opening scene prominently features a song that my boyfriend produced. We didn't have knowledge of this prior to the show airing and it was quite a treat to hear. The artist is an incredible singer/songwriter and dear friend of Larry's who is no longer with us, which made the experience simultaneously sad and special. I feel closer to Betty already - my own personal six degrees of separation, without the cocaine and sex tapes. Congratulations, Larry!

[DVD Cover Image and available for purchase via Amazon.com.]

Six Dirty Degrees Of Paris!

six-degrees-paris-book.jpgOh man! This is finally gonna blow the lid off... Wait, this is everything we already know about Paris Hilton - but it sure will be convenient to finally have all the information in one lovely hard-bound edition! The book, Six Degrees of Paris Hilton by Mark Ebner, showcases story after story of the terrible Paris and the people that orbit around her empty soul. The author profiles Darnell Riley, a shady celeb hanger-on who knows a lot of dirty secrets. He also happens to be the same individual who robbed, sexually assaulted and blackmailed Joe Francis (founder of Girls Gone Wild fame) - most people opine this makes Riley more of a hero than villian, but he's still a dirty dude! I, of course, am dying to purchase this book - especially since I can write it off - but only if I can ascertain the partial profits are not going into Hilton's pockets (unlike the cash from her Rick Solomon produced sex-tape). I wouldn't be surprised to later hear that Paris had a hand in engineering this - it's been awhile since she's been in the "news" for anything other than her new haircut. Click here from more details at Gawker. 

[Cover Image and book available for purchase at Amazon.com. I couldn't resist leaving the "click to look inside" tag. Seems kinda fitting when writing about Paris!]

Naw, It's Just A Coincidence!

sasha-malia-dolls.jpgHow, exactly, do they intend to get away with this? Ty, the manufacturers of Beanie Babies, have recently released some new dolls to their line-up and they happened to be named Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia! The company spokesperson, Tania Lundeen, claims the toys are not replications of the first daughters and the names were chosen because they are beautiful. It seems to be a pretty big breach of decency and privacy. Not surprisingly, Michelle Obama has said, via her spokesperson, that the dolls are inappropriate. It strikes me as a pretty bold and selfish move on the part of the toy manufacturer and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

No Fear, Wentz Is Here!

pete_wentz.jpgAnd he wonders why his name is synonymous with "douchebag"... Pete Wentz was inexplicably asked by the Huffington Post to give Barack Obama advice and Pete came up with a doozy! He notes that Obama was the underdog and is now curious if his success will follow a Lauryn Hill or Coen Brothers trajectory. Lauryn won several Grammy Awards, turned kinda nutty and hasn't really been heard from again. The Coen Brothers have had a fairly steady stream of incredible films with few missteps. Either way, I'm not really sure what in the hell he's trying to say in regards to our President. You can read some hilarious commentary here at Gawker

Who Can You Trust?

TMZ.com has breaking news on the alleged John Travolta extortion scheme... and it involves someone close to the family. The former Minister of Tourism for the Bahamas has been arrested in connection with this horrible plot - until recently he had been speaking out to the press on behalf of the family, extolling grief over their situation.

Madonna's Gearing Up For Another Smackdown!

Ritchie.Madonna.jpgMadonna is still struggling with Guy over custody of their biological child, Rocco Richey. Lourdes will naturally stay with M. in NYC where her father, Carlos Leon, also resides. The little one, adopted child David Banda, will also live with Madonna and occasionally have visits with the elder Richey. Guy is very attached to his London hometown and is adamant that his son be raised with those values. It's gonna be a big-time rumble with neither side backing down. Madonna is used to getting her way, so it will be really interesting to see who wins. I think it's going to come down to the skills of each party's lawyers!

SJP Steps Out With Estranged Husband

TMZ.com spotted Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick heading out to dinner last night. Much speculation has surrounded the them regarding a possible split, so this couple-sighting could be a move to buy them a little more time pre-divorce...

No Porn For Kanye!

Kanye-west.jpgKanye West is not going into porn and he'd like us to know in his typical ALL CAPS BLOGGIN' STYLE! NO PORN! We got it, Kanye. I didn't really buy that story in the first place, but enough attention has been paid that it almost seemed real. Kanye claims that his account was hacked and people have been spreading nasty rumors about him, which rings a lot truer than the bisexual sex scene escapade that's surrounded him for the past several days! I believe him, although the photo I chose isn't doing him any favors!

(A little back-story, no pun intended: AVN.com [Adult Video News] had a quote from Mr. West, via another magazine, that Kayne was interested in not only trying out the porn industry, but also in a possible three-way of any gender combination. The link has since been disabled.)


Britney Spears is still feeling the heat from her single, "If You Seek Amy", which apparently sounds like "fuck me" if said quickly enough. The Parent's Television Council is in quite a tizzy and is attempting to shut down airplay. Yeah, don't let your kids hear an implied swear word they could learn on the street but do teach them about censorship! 

Slap-happy Kelly Osbourne is headed back to rehab for a third time! I guess the pressures of a young engagement, an upcoming court date and reportedly filming a variety show (Osbournes Reloaded, premiering on FOX) with her family (minus the elusive Amy, of course) have gotten to be too much. Let's hope third time's the charm!

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey is still an asshole. I'd like to stop there, as that sums it up, but Socialite Life has a great post about Mariah gettin' all diva at the inauguration. Apparently the VIP seating wasn't good enough for her and she left the ceremony when realizing she wouldn't be seated with the First Family. Did her hubby forget to slip her the non-crazy pills that morning?

Taxes vs. Guns

k-gillibrand.jpgCaroline Kennedy withdrew from the race to claim Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat amidst much controversy with reasons ranging from her uncle's health and her husband not wanting her to relocate to D.C. to the murkier versions which site tax issues and a mysterious "nanny problem." Still, whatever is going on with Caroline, I'd much prefer it to Kirsten Gillibrand who calls herself a Democrat but has some serious Republican leanings including supporting the NRA. It's a double shame that we won't see a continuation of the Kennedy political dynasty and we've got a possible wolf-in-sheep's clothing lurking around the landscape...


It sounds like John Krasinski, lovable Jim from The Office, is currently unavailable. Formerly linked to co-star Rashida Jones, he has recently been spotted with Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway's nemesis in The Devil Wears Prada. The couple takes great lengths to avoid being photographed together. John does such a fine job of inhabiting his character that I feel like he's cheating on Pam (Jenna Fischer, Krasinski's love-interest on the show)! Speaking of Rashida Jones - check out her momma's autobiography sometime - she lived through some pretty wild stuff including starring on The Mod Squad, a passionate marriage to Quincy Jones and a fling with Paul McCartney! (Breathing Out by Peggy Lipton)

Cera Still Cagey

Michael_Cera.jpgArrested Development: The Movie seems to be a go for everyone but Michael Cera, who portrayed the adorable George Michael Bluth on the popular cult series. Does he have a beef with someone involved in the project? Does he really think he's that big of a deal? Is this his way of separating himself in order to stand-out from the stellar cast? Click here to watch the video, via MTV.com, where he says that there is no script yet and if he does receive the script he might put it in the shredder! Wow! Someone's not very grateful at the moment for his big break. I wish Jason Batemen (Bluth family patriarch de-facto, Michael Bluth) really was his dad - someone needs a spanking! Or at least a Sunday bike ride with his father for a good, old-fashioned talk! I'd be weary of not showing up to that set - who knows what the writers might decide to do with his character if they have to phase him out of the script... 

Even Celebs Do It!

Robert_Downey_Jr.JPGRobert Downey Jr. has admitted to Googling himself at a recent Newsweek Oscar Roundtable. He claims that he loves it and even thinks that certain "character assassinations" are hilarious because sometimes the assessment is dead-on! Finally, a celebrity with a sense of humor! Also present at the event were Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke and Anne Hathaway. Brad says he never, ever Googles himself because Angie doesn't allow it he doesn't know how to work a computer. Anne said "no way" as well and later retracted her statement after Robert was the first to break the ice on the seemingly taboo behavior. Don't worry Anne, you're in good company if you're following Downey Jr.'s lead! Despite the boozing and multiple rehab trips, he still one of the finest actors of our time. He also had a long-standing romantic relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker, and we all know what a trend-setter she is. Hey ROBERT DOWNEY JR., while you're at it.... READ ME! 

Go For It!

Rachel-McAdams.jpgRumors are swirling that Rachel McAdams is moving on in style with none other than Josh Lucas. They were spotted making out in public during an inauguration ball, which is a pretty bold statement of togetherness. Popular opinion still dictates a wish for a Rachel/ Ryan Gosling reunion. I used to think so too, until I read a quote long ago where Ryan said he wished Rachel wouldn't do so many commercial films. I saw Lars and The Real Girl - it wasn't so hot. He's on his high horse for that? Mean Girls was like, way better! Ultimately it's about unconditional love - not someone who judges your choices. Perhaps Josh will be a little more lenient in letting the lady star in whatever she sees fit. 

Nope, You're Not Drawing Attention To Yourself AT ALL!

0122_shia_flynet.jpgYes, yes! That's the way to do it, bad boy. Completely normal to stroll down the street with a paper bag over your head. Everyone's doing it and you totally blend in. Not at all conspicuous when rollin' to the liquor store! I think you're supposed to wait until after you get home before you drink it! Yep, that's Shia LeBeouf strolling the city streets. The young star (Transformers, Disturbia) has shown a propensity for trouble. Given his drama in 2008 - the DUI, the broken hand that's held up production on his latest film, the drunken refusal to leave a Walgreen's - well, needless to say this isn't the best way to kick off 2009.

Ethan Gives It To Gwyneth

gwyneth-paltrow.jpgGwyneth Paltrow's attempts to mimic life-style guru Oprah are failing miserably but that doesn't mean it's not a helluva lot of fun for the rest of us! Gwynnie recently released her winter reading list on her website, Goop ('cuz her life is sooo messy) and it's filled with nothing more than what a high school English teacher would hope to impart on his/her students. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles all made her list. The Bowles book was recommended to her by none other than Ethan Hawke. He knows a few things about books! The literary gift saved Gwyneth, giving her the confidence to transition from a wealthy, privileged Hollywood kid into a wealthy, privileged Hollywood star. Goddamn, where did she find the strength? Meanwhile, Gawker is reporting that those popular fad cleanses are bullshit. Maybe this will free up Paltrow's time from cleansing her bowels and preaching to something more meaningful!

No He Didn't!

Larry King revealed that his 8 year old son, Cannon, says he would now like to be black and there "seem to be a lot of advantages to it." King proceeds to say, "Black is in! Is this a turning of the tide?" Oh man, Larry. Really? I don't even know where to start with this one. Check out the clip here.

It's Happening!

satc10.jpgRumors are flying that Sex & The City: The Movie sequel will take place. It was confirmed early on, when astounding box office numbers impressed the industry, promptly denied, confirmed again when Kim Cattrall spoke up, then denied again because Sarah Jessica Parker hadn't made it official... Now it seems to be on, with SJP having recently picking up an early copy of the script. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. Just make the damn thing, already! 

New Pitt Pad

joliepitt.jpgAngelina Jolie has accomplished something few women - if ever - have done. No, I'm not still harping on the sex-in-a-limo thing; I'd assume that's quite common! Jolie has actually replaced a male actor for the lead role in an upcoming film. She really does have super-powers - now she can swap genders, too! Tom Cruise was the reported lead for the upcoming movie, Edwin A. Salt, but his bad press and failing popularity caused investors to choose Angelina instead. The film will now be titled Salt to reflect the new casting decision. In related news, The Huffington Post is reporting that the Jolie-Pitts have selected a new mansion for their brood to kick it while mama does a little work. The estate is whimsically named Sassafras and is located near the shoot in Long Island. 

I Hope They Catch These Assholes!

Some terrible people are attempting to extort $20 million from John Travolta in regards to his son, Jett, and circumstances surrounding the young man's tragic death. The police have been called and an investigation is currently underway. To deal with an extortion plot in the midst of grieving for his son seems more than any one person should have to bear.

Paging Dr. Clooney!

er.jpgFrankly, I can't believe this show is still on the air - but it appears that the cast of ER is finally wrapping it up after 15 years. George Clooney is rumored to be starring in some of the last episodes, which will surely be a thrill for remaining viewers. Julianna Margulies, Clooney's lover on the show, is also returning to ensure the series ends with a bang. That sounds a lot dirtier than I intended! George has long-been resistant to another ER gig since he hit big with movies, but it seems the right thing to do since this program was initially his big break. 

Dakota Fanning, Vampire?

Dakota Fanning.jpgDakota Fanning has been offered the role of Jane, the most powerful vampire in the world, for the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. This would be a huge coup for the series as Fanning, already a well-respected actress at age 14, would lend credibility to the franchise in a way Vanessa Hudgens never could. This casting will surely please rabid Twilight fans, who were understandably upset when rumors surfaced of Hudgens taking on the role of werewolf, Leah. I love how the reports sound so shocked that Fanning was offered the role without auditioning. Umm, yeah! Ya think? Negotiations are currently taking place, nothing is set as of yet...

It's Still Inauguration Fever

Check out this hilarious video from the guys at FunnyOrDie.com called "High-Five Inauguration"! Celebrities and politicians running around D.C. giving each other... well, guess!

The Oscars - The List Is Here!

I love the Oscars! I know the ceremony usually ends up being a boring, drawn-out affair with few laughs or surprises. It doesn't stop me from gathering with friends every year to to dress up and drink champagne, but who needs an excuse on that front? The bad news is that we won't get a break from Miley (Destiny - hee hee) Cyrus anytime soon. The annoying little brat happens to be one of the driving forces behind Bolt, which has been nominated for best animated feature film. Her toothy grin is gonna be all over that telecast! However, it's a hot time (per usual) at the Jolie-Pitt home as the lovers are each up for the coveted award in their respective categories: Brad Pitt, best actor in a leading role for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Angelina Jolie, best actress in a leading role for Changeling. It will be interesting to see if Anne Hathaway, also up for best actress in a leading role for her work in Rachel Getting Married, can survive another searing death-glare from Jolie! Angelina shocked the entertainment world when she accepted her best supporting actress Oscar for Girl, Interrupted by passionately kissing her brother before strolling to the stage in her Goth-ensemble. I'm sure she'll opt for carrying on with her peace-mother Madonna act, as she's desperate to leave her sex-in-a-limo/blood-vile wearing days behind her. I wonder if Brad will try to sit between her and James? Click here for the full list of nominees!

Update: Heath Ledger's Oscar Nomination!

heath_michelle.jpgHeath just got the Oscar nod for his performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight! I wish he was around to enjoy this hard earned moment. The next drama on the horizon is sure to be who is chosen to accept the award in his place if his name is called on the big night. Industry insiders are rumored to prefer Michelle Williams, the mother of his child and believed to be the love of his life. Read more about the recent Oscar Nominations in the next post. 

It's Still Official!

Barack_Obama.jpgSkeptics were reporting due to a flub in taking the presidential oath at the hands (mouth) of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. that Barack Obama might not officially be President. I mean really, he's already going to be on trial for every little thing, can't we at least let him get into office before lambasting him for a mistake that wasn't his own? In an effort to be doubly cautious, they met again yesterday at the White House to retake the oath in front of a small audience. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Obama came to work on his first day at 8:35 am, despite attend inaugural balls until dawn. He's already advising top military advisors to withdraw combat troops from Iraq! Well, this feels different already!

Heath Ledger

Heath_Ledger.jpgToday marks the one-year anniversary of the talented actor's untimely death. As we know, he was an incredible performer with unlimited potential for his career - but beyond the entertainment world lives the greater tragedy in that his young daughter, Matilda, will never have the opportunity to know her father. We still miss you, Heath and we're hoping you continue to rest in peace. Rumors are still swirling of a possible Oscar nomination for the deceased actor. Time will tell shortly if that is indeed the case. 

Only If It's Nutella

demi_ashton.jpgAshton Kutcher's upcoming film is titled Spread. Did someone retire from the ratings board? The things you can get past the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) these days! Ha-ha! Anyways, those little minxes, life and art, are imitating one another again. The gist of the script is centered around Nicki, a selfish L.A. player who uses older women to finance his luxury lifestyle. Fate intervenes when he meets a cash-poor waitress and.... falls in love! First-time screenwriter, Jason Dean Hall, allegedly has some true to life experience in this area and we already know how Ashton rolls! The movie recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Speaking of the MPAA, check out Kirby Dick's This Film Is Not Yet Rated for the real dirt behind who rates our movies and why they choose the ratings they do - very interesting! Yet another side note: I have About Last Night, an 80's romantic comedy starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, playing in the background while I'm working. I'm not kidding! Demi kicks off the film with this classic line about Rob's character, "I can't date a guy whose ass is smaller than mine." I'm happy to note that she's changed her mind!

I Was Really Hoping For This

caroline-kennedy-.jpgReports are flooding in from a variety of sources that Caroline Kennedy is withdrawing her senate bid. I'm very bummed about this - I thought it would have been incredible to see what she had to offer in the political arena. The sight of her at the inauguration was one of the many points during which I cried. The strength it took to sit up there given the assassination of her father, the tragic death of her brother and her mother's painful passing, was astounding. The Kennedy family has a long history of incredible joy and pain in near equal amounts. While there is some debate as to why she withdrew, citing personal reasons seems a reputable decision given her uncle's poor health. I hope she reconsiders at an appropriate point - the Kennedy clan has consistently given their all and I know she has it in her. 

A Married Conchord?

jemaineclement.jpgDang! This happened awhile ago, so it's not searing hot news... however, it was recently brought to my attention that Jemaine Clement, best known as one-half of the hilarious Flight of the Conchords duo, wed his long-time girlfriend this summer. The lucky lady, Miranda Manasiadis, is also in the acting profession and has some esteemed theater work under her belt. The FOTC kicked off their second season recently. Fans are rejoicing and women are crying at another one lost to monogamy! (Thanks Kelly!)

Pink & Carey: Reunited And It Feels Good!

Pink_CareyHart.jpgI don't really know why I care about this, except it seems they are truly in love. Pink and her formerly estranged hubby, Carey Hart, are moving back in together following a divorce and year-long separation. I came across an interview awhile ago where her father was expressing sadness at her and Hart's inability to be together at the time and it struck me that there is unconditional love on all sides of this situation. Those crazy kids are finding a way to make it work - this time, hopefully, for good! Where else is the motor-cross cutie going to find a gal that will propose to him, via a cardboard sign in the middle of a race? That's hard to come by!

More Good News

Sweden will allow gay marriage this coming May! Homosexual couples are currently allowed to register their union in a civil ceremony, but this spring may mark the first of actual church-style weddings. Sweden already paved the way for same-sex couples to adopt children awhile ago. I hope this marks the beginning of turning the tide again in our country after the sad defeat of pro-marriage propositions this past fall in California and Arizona.

The Day After

ObamaFamily.jpgYesterday marked one of the most amazing and joyous points in world history - and everyone celebrated in style! On the home-front, we met with dear friends to view the inaugural proceedings and share tears and hugs. It was, as promised, a very great day! Now it's back to work for all involved as we await the eagerly anticipated changes ahead...

Yeah, Now Is The Time To Censor Britney!

britneyspearscircusalbum.jpgAfter all she's been through, now they're gonna pitch a fit? Britney has busted her ass, well her dad has busted her ass, back into fighting shape but she can't avoid controversy - even at a healthier point in her life. Her upcoming single, If You Seek Amy, is being rerecorded in order to remove the offending "k" for radio airplay. It bums me out to see her camp fold to conservative pressure for financial returns, especially since it sets a dangerous precedent. As far as Brit goes, an implied dirty word really seems to be the least of it in my book.

[Album Cover Image via Amazon.com]

This Is Truly Awesome

United Airlines pilot and hero, Chesley Sullenberger, has not only been offered a gold-plated "key to the city" of NYC, he and his crew have also been added to the guest list for the inauguration! A well-deserved honor on both accounts. It's going to be such an amazing day!

I'll Earn My Keep In Tee-Shirt Sales

I'd like to thank my eternally patient boyfriend for standing by me as I chase my dreams while subsequently contributing the bare financial minimum to our household. I've been thinking a lot about creativity, connecting with the Universe and the flow of life. I have so many darn self-help goals that sometimes it benefits me to boil things down - a simplified version to make sure I'm keeping up with all my commitments. One thing I'm working on is honoring my energy and not doing things if said energy isn't present. Thusly, I've come up with a helpful slogan: "No Flow, No Ho" - I think it could really take off!

Yes, Actually The End Is Nigh

paulblartmovie.jpgI know our world is in a lot of trouble. The environment, global warming, refusal to switch energy sources from gas-fueled cars, endless wars, social and economic crises abound - it's a long list. Still, I like to keep a positive outlook. Even with the advent of 2012, I'm like, "Naw, we're cool. I'm sure it won't go down like that." Then Paul Blart: Mall Cop took first place in the box office over Oscar winner Clint Eastwood's latest film and I thought, "Nope, we're screwed." 

Damn, She Means Business!

kelly_osbourne.jpgI didn't know a little truth telling was a slap-worthy offense, but apparently it is if you're Kelly Osbourne! The young one slapped gossip columnist Zoe Griffin [The Daily Mirror] for writing that Kelly's fiance, Luke Worrell, was "stupid" for allegedly not knowing what an earthquake is. Well, that would kind of mark one's intelligence as being less than smart... i.e. stupid! Ha-ha! Yeah, I'm pretty brave given that I don't attend hip celebrity events where someone who's taken offense to my opinion could possibly slap me. Ms. Osbourne did turn herself into the police and remains out on bail. She'll face the consequence of these charges in an upcoming March court date. 

[Album Cover Image: Amazon.com]

Best Wishes

jennifer_hudson.jpgTwo upcoming events, Super Bowl 43 and the Grammy Awards Ceremony will mark Jennifer Hudson's first public appearances since the tragic slaying of her family. She's been receiving much love and support from the entertainment community, as well fans, and will be welcomed back with open arms. She is sadly missing performing at the many inauguration celebrations, but let's hope the extra time gives her more space to heal. 

News Flash: Get Earnin', Guys!

tommy-pam-anderson-b.jpgIt's bold, it's shocking, it's revolutionary! The U.K. Daily Mail is reporting that women have more orgasms with rich men. Apparently women are attracted to successful males, fueled by biological urges, and wealth is a sign of success. The study notes that there is a bias in that women having multiple orgasms tend to overestimate their partner's income while women whose partners earn substantial amounts tend to overestimate how much they enjoy sex. This finally explains Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee!

MLK Day!

mlkjr.jpgEnjoy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I hope you have some time to reflect on the true meaning of this day and this incredible man. Interesting to note that John McCain voted against the creation of the holiday to honor King. He later back-tracked, but Arizona has the distinction of being one of the last states to accept the day as a celebration for this amazing person. Thanks for that! Karma's a bitch, John! Hope you have fun sitting at home watching Obama's inauguration tomorrow! 

Click on this link to watch the YouTube video of Dr. King's last speech. It will make you cry, but it's really beautiful. 

Be Gone

jloandmarc.gifWho told J-Lo the constipated look is sexy? I don't really get what she's aiming for 'cuz alluring it ain't. She's been sporting this pose on every red carpet as she attempts to reclaim her booty crown. I haven't missed her one bit. I'd prefer she stay on permanent hiatus with her controlling hubby. Rumor has it the two are on the rocks, hence the constant public appearances whilst hold hands. What do you say to a twice divorced lady who now says divorce isn't an option, but doesn't wear her wedding ring because it doesn't match her outfit? Take some Rolaids and stay home, please!

Tara Vs. The Conchords!

flightofconchords.jpgFor all you lucky bastards who subscribe to cable... it's going to be a battle royale as Showtime and HBO go head-to-head tonight! Both channels are debuting hotly anticipated programs this evening. In HBO's corner: Flight of the Conchords, kicking back into gear with Season 2 of their  beloved and hilarious cult phenomena. Showtime also has a heavy-weight with Diablo Cody [screenwriter, Juno], Steven Spielberg and Toni Collette as the driving forces behind the new series, United States of Tara. Cody's verbosity in the hands of Collette could be an amazing combination. Toni is an amazing and much respected actress and I don't doubt that most of what she touches turns to gold. Of course my bias falls with the Conchords, but it will be interesting to see if Ms. Cody can stand up to the high expectations placed on her after the run-away success of Juno. She's a turbo writer, much like Angelina Jolie is a turbo namer of babies - when an alpha female decides to move forward all that most of us can do is sit back and watch!

[Flight of the Conchords Season 1 available now! Go to Amazon.com for orders. DVD cover image via Amazon.com]

Well, What Did She Expect?

pete_wentz.jpgSomehow this little tidbit managed to escape me until now... I just learned how Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz initially met and it is illuminating! Details Magazine got Pete to spill the beans (reportedly not a difficult feat) on his first foray in communication with the youngest Simpson. Apparently he was pretty bummed when the self-portrait of his penis, captured via his cell phone, hit the web and became, his words, Penis-Gate. Guess it was quite the disgrace - though it remains a little murky as to how that photo actually made it to the internet. Regardless, Ashlee was thoughtful enough to call and comfort him and romance blossomed! What a great story to tell the kid(s)! Well, fast-forward a few years to his most recent sex-themed scandal where he recently divulged vivid details of his sex life with Ashlee [on the Howard Stern show]. While disappointing and disrespectful, it can't come as the greatest surprise given their delightful beginnings. I mean, come on girl - didn't you hear the one about a leopard not changing his spots? 

The Big Day Is Almost Here!

whitehousedecorator.jpgThe inauguration of President-elect, Barack Obama, is now just days away but the first family has already done a lot of work to put things in place for their first days in the White House. While lots issues take precedence before this, it's still fun to note the recent selection of Michael S. Smith, whom the Obama's recently selected to redecorate their new residence. The job of a lifetime, in anyone's book! Along with refreshing political and social energy will come a fresh fashion vibe from within the surely [formerly] stale walls. Click here to see samples of his previous work. Woo-hoo! 

Update: Kendra Apologizes

150px-Kendra_Wilkinson_small.jpgDamn right she did! The Girls Next Door alum was recently pretty open about the goings-on at her previous residence, the Playboy Mansion, and naturally Hef's not too happy about it! Today has seen a flurry of partial retractions, as well as a full apology to her ex-lover. No one would know who she is without the show - her previous career consisted of being an office assistant to a dentist in her hometown of San Diego. Whether or not she was happy, she presumably knew what she was signing up for so a smack-down from the Playboy head honcho can't come as too much of a surprise.

What Tha Hell?

affleck.combs.phoenix.jpgOh man, this makes me sad - sad and worried. Check out this video, courtesy of TMZ, to watch a homeless looking man rappin' while loaded. It should be noted that said 'homeless looking man' is actually retired actor Joaquin Phoenix. He's sporting a full beard, knit cap and baggy pants with a hole-in-jeans right by the crotch. It's bad - really, really bad. This was his "debut", which took place recently in Vegas. Oddly enough, Casey Affleck is documenting the whole actor-to-rap-star journey. I thought that was weird, until I read a post Sasha at Evil Beet wrote which noted that Casey is married to Joaquin's sister, Summer. That makes a little more sense. Summer probably begged Casey to go along with this filming farce, but he's really filling in as Joaquin's minder. We all remember River Phoenix and his tragic overdose. It's heartbreaking to watch his brother apparently taking the same road - and quickly. Let's hope he gets the help he appears to need, soon! 

Get Well!

steve-jobs.jpgVisionary Steve Jobs has backtracked on earlier health claims and as of January 14 has taken an official 6 month medical leave of absence from Apple. Whatever form your good wishes take, send some positive thoughts to this man who has truly helped change the face of our world. 

It's A Rainforest!

madonna.JPGPollstar has recently released the list for top earning musical acts of 2008. Topping that chart, of course, is Madonna. Apparently being a control freak pays off: the lady netted $105.3 million last year, most of which was due to her high grossing tour. This means she can probably afford that Brazilian wax now (nude Madonna photo link NSFW)! The list was a perplexing blend. I wasn't surprised by a few of the names but most left me scratching my head. Bon Jovi came in at #7 with an amazing $81.4 million! What does he even do? He seems sweet, but I can't imagine him or his band being much of a draw. Anyways, click here for the complete list. I've got to stop; I'm getting tempted to compare Jon Bon Jovi's 80's hairdo to Madonna's late 70's era bush and that ain't right!

Mayer To Pull A Bono

sonny&chershow.jpgI was so excited about this title - I thought it was pure genius. Alas, I was not the only one to put  2 + 2 together and have it = Sonny & Cher! Imagine that! Moving on... CBS president Nina Tassler is confirming rumors that Mayer plans to star in a television variety show. His idea, she claims. So wise to distance yourself while simultaneously promoting it - that should help you keep your job in the future, Nina! I wouldn't want to stake my rep on what is sure to be a mess. What in the hell is John Mayer thinking? It's not the 70's dude! This is no longer a tried and true formula - just ask Rosie O'Donnell or Nick [Lachey] and Jessica [Simpson]. Meanwhile, I love  the "quotes by a source" in a recent In Touch Weekly talking about his and Jennifer Aniston's relationship. The source is supposedly a "close friend" and not "John Mayer, himself" since he's not allowed to blab to the paps anymore per Jen's request.

Charles Dickens: Fortune Teller?

I'm sure most of you have heard by now of disgraced financier Bernie Madoff, who swindled some very high profile investors out of millions with a simple Ponzi scheme. I was so stunned reading this news, that this age old tactic could still work, I had to do a little research to see why people would even buy into it. The scheme, titled for namesake Charles Ponzi, is a simple pyramid plan where no one but the initiator usually gets his/her investment returned. What really fascinated me was that Charles Dickens wrote about this in his novel, Martin Chuzzlewitt, long before Ponzi was born! This work, initially written in installments, was first published in 1844. It's incredible how the themes of Dickens' work remain contemporary to this day. Sadly, in this case, a little too true to life! Read some more background on Bernie Madoff at Forbes.com here and a great post by Sasha at Evil Beet here.

Please Be True

arrested_development.jpgE! News is reporting that the long-awaited Arrested Development movie is indeed moving forward. Word has it that Michael Cera [George Michael Bluth] is considering skipping the reunion, though the film will proceed either way. I hope he signs on - it wouldn't be the same with even one cast member missing. I know he's in much demand right now, but I think it would be a shame to turn his back on the show that gave him such wide exposure. The father/son dynamic embodied by Jason Bateman and Cera's respective characters would be greatly missed. Either way, I'm thrilled it's coming to the big screen! It was heartbreaking to see such an incredible show leave the airways. It will be great to see what the screenwriters and cast can come up with - we know it will be amazing!

Kate Moss: It's My Birthday, Bitches!

katem-012607-a.jpgYep, today is a sacred day indeed. January 16, 1974 unwittingly ushered in the waif and this evening marks the big blowout - her 35th birthday, that is! A "source" was quoted as saying that she's made arrangements for her tiny daughter, 6 year old Lila Grace, to be with her father the entire weekend. That way she can bring the par-tay back to her mansion and there won't be any kiddies witnessing the revelry! I love how she and her friends seem equally [allegedly] coked out - this person seems to be saying, "See what a good mommy Kate is? She's made sure her daughter won't be exposed to all this insane partying!" Way to go Kate! Happy Birthday!

Tara & Amy: Singing the Same Tune

tara_reid.jpgAmy Winehouse was recently quoted as saying, "I'm not out of control. Yes, I've had a few drinks but I'm on holiday - I'm just young and having fun." Which is almost exactly what Tara Reid said... before heading off to rehab! Come to think of it, I believe I've read a similar quote from Lily Allen...

He Must Really Love Me

When I was first thinking of starting my own site, I went to my boyfriend (who happens to be a computer whiz) and requested his help. "Do you know how to do this?" I asked. There was a long pause while he looked at me and finally said, "Ummm, yeah. I have my own blog." Which I had totally forgotten about, hadn't read and still haven't looked at. We are still together.

Oh My God! Plane Crash, Hudson River

I've been terrified of flying ever since I fully realized the extent of my own mortality - that and, of course, 9/11 which filled me with so much grief for everyone involved I don't know if I'll ever get over it. I travel quite a bit, so I have to deal with my fear on a fairly regular basis. I always comfort myself thinking, "What are the odds?" Well, the odds got fucked today. It's so amazing that this plane landed in one piece and everyone is okay! I'm sure all of the people as so, so grateful to be alive right now. It sent crazy fight-or-flight hormones surging through my body just looking at this picture, much less experiencing it. There are a million news stories pouring in on the web about this, if you want to search more. Salient details are that the plane landed in one piece and everyone is alive!

Evil Shout Out!

Speaking of favorite celebrity gossip sites, I'd like to thank Sasha Pasulka and the team at Evil Beet. I applied to EB in hopes of becoming the weekend gossip blogger, and while I didn't nab that job (it went to the fabulous Wendie Tobin) it inspired me to start my own thing. Sasha's writing style is hilarious and this is, in part, an homage to her work. Poking fun at famous folk runs in the family blood, too. My Aunt Nancy and I used to buy tabloids, write stories in the margins and mail them back and forth. It was so fun. I have to say Nancy was way ahead of the curve - she was writing naughty things on pictures long before Perez Hilton! Now it's time to catch up with the digital age, although there will always be a flurry of gossip between us. It's been a long road traveled in my own life to hit upon something I've felt really excited about, so thanks for getting me started! 

Check out Evil Beet: http://evilbeetgossip.film.com

Welp, Here It Goes!

katehudsonbeachphoto.jpgI recently debuted this site and kicked it off by sending a "big announcement" to family and friends about my new venture. Shortly thereafter I realized that said family, namely my Dad, would be reading these posts - a fact I immediately had to put out of my mind in order to continue my flow of thought. God forbid I censor myself or jam up the works! My brain is filled with endless amounts of information on celebrities that must be freed, no matter how inappropriate! I dropped my Dad an email to give him the "head's up" that he might not always like what he sees here. He replied, giving me the okay and wrote, "I'm not a monk!" It's true, he's not a monk - otherwise I wouldn't be here! Ha-ha! That said, doesn't it look like Kate Hudson's alleged date, Adam Scott, is touting a huge strap-on at the beach? 

Image and Kate Hudson archives via Socialite Life, one of my favorite celebrity gossip blogs. Please check 'em out! http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com

Sienna & Cillian, Sittin' In A Tree...

OMG! Really? Sienna "Man-Eater" Miller and Cillian Murphy were spotted together last night - not only at a club, but leaving together in a shared vehicle. Whatever point she's trying to prove is lost on me. We know Jude (Law) hurt her ages ago, but her subsequent string of married men as retrograde retribution isn't doing anyone any good. Check out this PerezHilton.com post for the tasty photo and text!

E! Needs A New Cash Cow

kendra_wilkinson.jpgGod, I love the E! Channel soooo much. We don't have cable at home, relying solely on Netflix for our entertainment hit. Works great, but I'm like a total crack whore when traveling and I finally have access to television. My boyfriend has stopped asking if he can watch his Discovery programs - that's only allowed if we've exhausted every possible option on E! (minus that horrible Denise Richard's show cuz that's just shit). So, needless to say, the Hef household break up has been very hard on me. Being a huge Girls Next Door fan, it's been heartbreaking to say good-bye to once was. I loved those ditzy chicks! Though it's still on the air, it rings even more false now that their tri-split has been made public. Kendra has been the first to blab about the not-so-pleasant aspects of being the third girlfriend. Why am I not surprised that she's got a big mouth? Dish away, girl! More details are available in the current issue of US Magazine, and there's a great post on Evil Beet with the dirty confessions spelled out. Enjoy! I'm sure there will be more to follow!

Is Gus Van Sant's Number Unlisted?

australiamoviepic.jpgWell, we all know by now that Baz Luhrmann's epic, Australia, has been branded a massive flop with most of the blame resting on Nicole Kidman's shoulders. And her personal baggage has been transferred from Tom Cruise to Botox! Mr. Swirly Eyes can't be tagged this time. The lady needs to head back to the Gus Van Sant days and capture some former glory. Her acting in To Die For was outstanding! We know she can do it - show us those chops again, Nic!

A Few of My Favorite Things: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

sunnyinphillydvd.jpgShit, I forgot to to go to Hollywood - but thank god Kaitlin Olson didn't! The beautiful blonde is a University of Oregon alum - like me - and grew up outside of Portland, Oregon - like me - but unlike me she tried out for the famed Groundlings Sunday Company, former home of comic genius Will Ferrell, and got accepted! I didn't know people from Oregon could be on tha T.V. and now I feel kinda foolish. Kaitlin stars on one of the all-time funniest must-watch shows on cable (FX), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This irreverent cast manages to touch on virtually every taboo topic in the book. The actors are equal in talent, each one provoking several laugh-out-loud moments per week. My youngest brother introduced to me to this program and I've never looked back! It's now my litmus test for friendship. Check it out!

My Lovely Wedding Lumps

fergieandjosh.jpgAh, those crazy kids - they really did it! Josh Duhamal and Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) married this past weekend in Malibu. While they strike me as somewhat of an odd couple, I think she's pretty damn cool. She's been completely honest about her past drug use (crystal meth) and she truly managed to turn her life around. She's taken some of the darkest days, filled with doubt and become a star. That takes an amazing amount of tenacity. So, raise your glasses and toast this lovely couple - they deserve it!

Tila The Genius


In a recent issue of In Touch Weekly (Jan. 5, 2009), Tila Tequila is quoted citing her celebrity role model as "Natalie Portman. She's a smart, cool girl. She reminds me a lot of myself, actually." I know, it's like so crazy how similar they are! I often confuse the sweet Audrey Hepburn incarnate with the classy A Shot At Love reality hostess. Total dopplegangers, dude.

It's Here!

The long-awaited, much anticipated launch of PantyLine Press is finally here! Don't be shy about spreading the word. Today is my first day live - thanks in advance to all my friends, family and advertisers for making this venture a huge success! I'm already having visions of my little fireside chat with Barbara Walters, one glistening tear in my eye as we discuss my fabulous life...

Suri Is So Done With You

suricruise.jpgPoor Suri looks so irritated with the paps lately. We haven't seen Shiloh in ages - can't TomKat let Suri rest on her little Q-scoring laurels for awhile? Aren't there some child labor laws to enact here? Girlfriend can't catch a break these days. I used to think those photos of her smiling were so cute and now I just feel bad. This little girl's reality is being permanently altered before our very eyes! She's pissed and we are all going to incur her wrath! If you love reading about adorable little Suri Cruise (a.k.a. The Alien Princess), log on to Socialite Life for some really clever and hilarious posts: http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com/archive/suri-cruise/index.php

Oh, That Explains It!

mlpandjdm.jpgI was recently surfing E! News and came across a really intriguing post: "Guess Who May Have A Secret Son?" - the photo underneath featured Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I was like, "Ah-ha! So that's why he and Mary Louise Parker broke up!" I felt relieved there was some distinct reason other than "lifestyle differences." A secret son is definitely a lifestyle difference! Now that would be something. Turns out it was just a teaser for a television show, but it was damn effective! Even though MLP annoys me somewhat on Weeds - I can't stand one more scene of her sashaying around, sucking on iced coffee - I still want her to find love. Alas, the reasons for their incompatibility shall continue to remain a mystery.

Award Wars

annehathaway.jpgBlah Bride Wars held no surprises, or much entertainment value. I'd hoped it would be decent for the rom-com genre, but it didn't have many laughs or much romance. Way, way more fun is the footage that's widely being passed around as "Angelina Jolie Gives Anne Hathaway The Fish Eye." Now that is entertainment! Oh Angie, you are an evil P.R. genius! See the clip here: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b78263_angelina_jolie_gives_anne_hathaway.html for some real acting. E! staff writer Jennifer Cady had some pretty hilarious things to say about the situation. Both women were up for a VH1 Critic's Choice Award. Hathaway didn't hold her own during her acceptance speech - I understand nerves, but she couldn't curb her rambling. Despite the misfire, she still seems poised to nab Hudson's comedy crown - and possibly even an Oscar from Jolie!

Do You Know What Time It Is?

kate_moss.jpgKate Moss continues her reputation as one of the hardest partying models around. Redundant? Perhaps, but can you blame her? If I had loved and lost Johnny Depp, I'd stay drunk and insist it was still the '90s too. However, if those recent pregnancy rumors are true one would dearly hope that she drops the "Studio 54" act...

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History Repeating Itself: Jennifer to Angelina Equals Cynthia to Yoko

"Those who can not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

Interesting coincidence, the similarities that exist between our current (though years drug out) "man leaves wife for other woman" drama and the biggest scandal of yore: John Lennon leaving first wife and mother of his first child, Cynthia Lennon (nee Powell), for Yoko Ono - a woman who's name will forever remain synonymous with "break-up." Both Aniston and Lennon are beautiful blondes and their respective men married in an effort to "do the right thing" - granted, Aniston wasn't knocked up but I think Brad bought into the Hollywood version of himself at the time and she seemed to be the match. Meanwhile, dark and brooding ladies were waiting in the wings for these iconic men. You may not think of Yoko as sexy, but check out archival footage of her and you'll see that she wore a mini-skirt very well! Listening to "Kiss Kiss KIss" off of Double Fantasy is akin to Serge Gainsbourg's classic Je T'Amie, banned at the time of its release for erotic content. Both Yoko and Angelina are incredibly strong women who don't bend easily - and, umm, both have dark hair. Ta-dah! Both Jen and Cynthia have been tagged in history as jilted women who will never, ever be able to get over their larger-than-life former mates. Whether or not it's true, public perception dictates that it's mighty difficult to "marry-up" after that! 

Say My Name!

brody_jenner.jpgBrody, dear Brody. He strikes me a dim bulb - considering his family tree, it might not be the biggest surprise. Thank god he has that tattoo of his last name running down the side of his torso. Is that a 'Dude, Where's My Car' kind of thing? I picture him loaded on tequila shots, in Cancun, spun out of his mind. He loses his way to his hotel suite ('cuz he rolls like that - he's a reality television star), simply lifts his shirt, points to the tat and gets escorted to his room by a sage concierge. Isn't his new show entitled Babysitter  Bromance? Stiff competition (actually no pun intended) when your ex-bestie is that disgusting Spencer Brat Pratt. I swear, that's that first and last time SP will be mentioned on this site. If we stop covering him maybe he will GO AWAY!



Barack_Obama.jpgI'm breathing the biggest sigh of relief. I swear, 2009 feels better already - there are feelings of hope, joy and change in the air. I haven't felt this way since Bill Clinton was president - I know he had his major flaws, but I didn't feel the daily, unwavering, insidious fear as I have with Bush. I was having nightmares of Sarah Palin taking office with the combo to the "red button" being Tripp's birthday. (Remember the email hacking scandal? The lady wasn't too tricky with her passwords.) That said, I'm so grateful and excited for this time in our nation's history and I'm looking forward to what happens with Obama and Biden in office. Here's to January 20, 2009!

Umm, Yeah - And I Just Bought The Bridge That Was For Sale!

Why do I seriously doubt Star captured Miley's "first kiss"? Is anyone else grossed out by the fact that she's dating someone who looks similar to her dad? Somebody's little girl has a serious Electra complex - while that sounds like a superhero name befitting of a Disney star, it's actually a reverse Oedipal complex. (I've got to use that Master's in Psychology somehow, especially since I'm still paying for it!) On the positive side, www.altpenis.com notes that "women who had good relationships with their fathers during childhood are more likely to pick partners who resemble their dads." So, there is a plus! In a related note, I hope this means she's gonna drop that "purity ring" bullshit. I think it gives a false message to teens. Sexuality isn't wrong, it's healthy. The most important thing is to respect yourself, your partner and to be safe. Abstinence with no education is unrealistic and has been proven to actually increase teen pregnancy. There's my opinion - and your PLP PSA for the day!

Single in the City?

sjp.jpgAhh, sorry! It was just too easy. Rumor has it that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may get in line for divorce train '09. Little Ms. Carrie Bradshaw may truly take form in SJP, leaving Matthew free to pursue his 25 year old paramour. I know some call Parker "horse-faced", but I gotta note that she landed JFK Jr. and Robert Downey Jr. back in the day with her natural looks and that's pretty goddamn impressive! In a society where women in her field are literally forced to use Botox, she's steadfast in her commitment to a lack of plastic surgery. And she's had a very successful career - beginning with a Broadway stint as Orphan Annie at the tender age of 14. It may be no fun for her, but it'll be pretty interesting for us to see who she nets next. Meanwhile, James Wilke will remain utterly adorable

Justin Blows

justintimberlake.jpgJustin Timberlake sucks the proverbial ass. I wish there was a better way to put this, but other than LAME, I really can't think of a better phrase. Speaking of double standards, I'm sure we all remember the infamous "NippleGate" scandal via SuperBowl 2004. How he got away with "10 percent of the blame" is a mystery to me. Hypocrite much? If he were a real man, he would have defended Janet's honor a little better - especially given that they were rumored lovers at the time. I don't know why I'm beating this dead horse (what an awful saying) - I guess I just love the past. Man, I can hold a grudge. Janet's moved on, but I'm still pissed at Justin! It's like solving riddle of the Sphinx: Why does this former Mouseketeer and ex-NSYNC-er have any cred? He's also on my shit list for turning beautiful, sparkly blondes into surly, drab brunettes. Not that there's anything wrong with brunettes - I am one - but I hate to see formerly happy ladies turn sullen under the guise of love. (see Cameron Diaz, past and Jessica Biel, current.)

Jolie Folds to Social Mores

brad-and-angie.jpgEven one of the perceived "most powerful women in the world" has succumbed to the extraordinary double standards placed on females, mainly Madonna or Whore (nope, not the 50 year old Channel chanteuse). I'm asking, where is the Angelina of yore? The bad-ass, the unapologetic man-eater, the vile of blood wearing bitch? She took the heat and wore the home-wrecker crown when former golden couple, Brad & Jen, broke up. But even she couldn't take the  pressure - the never ending disapproval of society has crumpled even the mighty. I'm not sure why Brad continues to get off scot-free. He was the one who was married. I'm sure Angie "put an offer on the table", but it's Brad who broke his vows. Jolie was branded the whore and left with one option if she wanted to save her reputation - and ultimately her career. Even a fabulous actress has to appeal to public sensibilities on some level and most women don't dig an alpha female who takes a married man. Subsequently we've seen the lady workin' overtime to become a madonna, a saint, a mother. And being Angelina, she's gone overboard to prove her point!
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