Party Like A Rock Star!

Kravitz-Miami-home.jpgI think we could scrounge up $2,850,000 between us and nab the Miami pad of rocker, Lenny Kravitz. He just put it on the market. Come on you guys, don't let me down! This could be the place to hang in Florida. We could build our own in-home nightclub, complete with stripper pole, just like Paris Hilton! Lenny seems to be a peace-n-love kind of guy, which means he'd probably leave us the lava lamps. I'm thinking in-vest-ment. Me: responsible, lively roommate. I have excellent taste in home decor. You: give me money, come over to party, clean up. I really don't see how anyone can let this opportunity go by. Meanwhile, let's have a moment of silence for Kravitz. If this sells, he'll only have his NYC apartment and a get-away in Paris (the city, not the girl) to fall back on. I just don't know how one can live with so little!

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