Every Mother's Day Deserves A Mother's Night

You know this is funny if I'm willing posting a video starring my nemesis, Justin Timberlake. You've got to watch this - it's hilarious! I still contend that Andy Samberg must take a lot of inspiration from Flight of the Conchords. That's not a bad thing, but whenever I hear something he's done I feel like I've heard it before. Speaking of which, I just found out that not only does my brother not read my blog, he's also unfamiliar with Flight of the Conchords or their music. I can't believe I'm related to someone with such bad taste! Just kidding. No fighting on Mother's Day!

UPDATE: Umm, it turns out my brother does read my site! It was only a test bro and you passed. Congratulation! It's fun to tease family. It makes for more interesting holiday reunions. And, for the record, my brother does have excellent taste. Now, fetch me a beer. xo

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