It Ain't Gonna Drive Itself

bristol-palin-levi-johnston-trig-palin_460x334.jpgThe Palin family sure knows how to have a good time - God, guns and trucks. That goes for the kids too! Fun fact: "First Dude" Todd Palin offered daughter Bristol a vehicle in exchange for breaking up with then boyfriend, Levi Johnston. She didn't and in exchange gave him and Sarah a grandchild! Sounds like someone could have benefitted from reading someĀ banned literature from that there library. Any basic child rearing book will alert you to the fact that teens will do whatever you don't want them to do - i.e. trying to break up your daughter's relationship via bribery basically ensured the out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Might as well have asked him to move in. Oh wait, you did!

[Photo Credit: Damn, I should have taken the car!]

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