FOTC-as-robots.JPGI never, ever thought I'd be without Internet access during the 24 hours I just spent in Phoenix - but that's exactly what happened! I apologize to my faithful readers - I go to great lengths to maintain consistency in posting and it's a real pain when unexpected snafus pop up. Here's the backstory: My boyfriend and I drove to Phoenix yesterday, which is allegedly a big city oasis in the desert. We checked in to our hotel and I immediately tried to get online to finish a day's worth of writing. The only hitch? No Internet! "Something wrong with the phone lines - it will be up shortly." That's the word we got from the front desk. Guess what? As you can see from the extended delay in new material, I was never able to get online. The good news is that we were in town to see Flight Of The Conchords last night and had an amazing time. In a great stroke of luck, timing and generosity we were gifted seats in the sixth row by a kind couple whose friends had apparently stood them up. Bad friends but lucky us! We were on our way up to our nosebleed seats when they intercepted us and offered the tickets - no strings attached! It seemed to good to be true, but we accepted and were lead to the most incredible view of the show. I gave them my business card, so if they end up tuning in to PLP I want to say THANK YOU again for your generosity! It was such a thrill and the show was everything I'd hoped and then some. The hilarious Arj Barker opened and then FOTC took the stage for two hours. I was sooooo happy. Now we're back in town, briefly online and getting ready to watch my little sister graduate from high school. Things should be back to normal around here soon - and I thank you for your patience and support. xo

[Photo Credit: Me! The distant future, the year 2000.]

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Glad you enjoyed the show as much as we did and thank you for the waters! Btw, your website is awesome....

Bob & Linda

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