Angelina Jolie's Number Is...


It takes a very special occasion to lift my self-imposed Spencer Pratt ban. This is one of those rare instances. Check it out, via Bunny With Fangs!:

[Well, we wouldn't want to piss them off. She might steal Spencer--you know, because she steals people's husbands! But seriously, we'd love to sit down and discuss fame with them. Consider this your formal invitation, Brangelina. Let's hang out sometime. We'll be SpeidiLina!]

The only way I could imagine this "meeting" taking place is if Angelina were still into the practice of self-mutilation. I can assume that intentionally cutting yourself would be equal in pain to spending time with Spencer Pratt and his "wife" Heidi Montag. Though I could see it happening if Angie were really pissed at Brad - talk about punishment! This could be Jolie's perfect weapon - look for Pitt to agree on the adoption of that seventh child any day now! As for Angelina stealing Spencer? Well, she's had dirtier things. Cough *Billy Bob Thornton* Cough.

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