Does Anybody Care?

aerosmith-live-concert-wikipedia.jpgSteven Tyler may have quit Aerosmith! Joe Perry says they may go on without him! In other breaking news, who cares? Details

[After 40 years, Steven Tyler has decided to part ways from the band that made him a household name. According to Aerosmith's guitarist Joe Perry, Tyler has quit the band and isn't on speaking terms with anybody.

He tells the Las Vegas Sun, "Steven quit as far as I can tell. I don't know any more than you do about it. I got off the plane two nights ago. I saw online that Steven said that he was going to leave the band. I don't know for how long, indefinitely or whatever. Other than that, I don't know."

Perry blames Tyler's lack of communication for the split saying, "He's notorious for that. That's one thing I've learned to live with. I try to overlook it. I like to pick my battles. As far as replacing Steve, it's not just about that, it's also four guys that play extremely well together, and I'm not going to see that go to waste. I really don't know what path it's going to take at this point, but we'll probably find somebody else that will sing in those spots where we need a singer and then we'll be able to move the Aerosmith up a notch, move the vibe up a notch."]

Oh, Joe Perry! May I suggest you might be a tad delusional? "Bringing the vibe up a notch" - really? The vibe you should be notching is your La-Z-Boy recliner. It's over, dude. Take a load off and relax. 

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