Renee Zellweger And Bradley Cooper's Pacific Palisades Paradise!

renee-zellweger-bradley-cooper-glamour-couple.jpgNothing to see here, just a couple of crazy-in-love kids with mucho dinero to spare. Rumors of cohabitation between Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper appear to be true - to the tune of well over $4 million! I guess these two feel this is more than a fling. Or, for the skeptics (like myself), their publicists feel this is an appropriate union to invest in. Details, via The Real Estalker

[BUYERS: Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. LOCATION: Pacific Palisades, CA. PRICE: $4,700,000. SIZE: 3,335 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: There is a long list of ladees in Tinseltown who ride the cruel merry-go-round of romance and, the wee lassies, get nothing but dizzy and tossed off onto the hard black top of life. Among those famous gals unlucky in game of love are Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and, of course, the too sinewy former cheerleader and Oscar winner Renée Zellweger. Among her long list of high profile and erstwhile paramours (and hook ups) we have Jim Carrey, Matthew Perry, Jack White, Kenny Chesney-to whom she was married for about as long as it takes Your Mama to suck down a pitcher of gin & tonics, Luke Perry, John Krasinki, Paul McCartney, Andre Balazs, Dan Abrams and, since sometime in June of 2009, Bradley Cooper, currently one of Hollywood's hotsiest totsies.

Listen butter beans, far be it from Your Mama to cast shade on anyone's love life. Relationships are hard enough without being in the glare of the spot light and having assholes like Your Mama giving out free and unsolicited criticism and advice. But let's get real for a moment. What kind of damn fool goes buying up multi-million dollar real estate with someone to whom they've been attached for only six months? Seriously. We're sorry to say, but this lovey-dovey let's move in together situation between Miss Zellweger and Mister Cooper has all the hallmarks of romantic catastrophe, especially when you consider poor Miss Zellweger and her rather dismal track record in the love department.

It's hard to say which party is better for the other career at this point. Does the new hawt-cha-cha leading man help the not quite as successful as she used to be veteran actress or does the wildly successful, Oscar winning actress help the blossoming career of a comparative neophyte? Whichever might be the case, it doesn't hurt either of their careers that their oft in the news for the public canoodling and seemingly impulsive real estate transactions.]

Don't forget to add George Clooney to Renee's long list of celebrity bone! Those two were rumored to have dated off and on in 2001. I really like both Renee and Bradley. Renee seems like a sweetie and Bradley's had my heart ever since the underrated (but fabulous) Kitchen Confidential. However, I'm just not feeling their "romance." It's not ringing true to me - even with the nearly $5 million love shack. What do you guys think - real, fake or indifferent? By the way, wouldn't you hope for more than 3 bedrooms for that kind of cash? Something is wrong with the balance of things when Khloe Kardashian has a bigger home than an Oscar-winning actress

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