Hot Sausage - As In Links!

nic-cage-as-apolo-ohno.jpg* A hit out on Jon Cryer? Who in the hell would want to harm Duckie? ~ TMZ

* The excruciating mystery of "You're So Vain"  finally solved! ~ Star Pulse

* The results of Brittany Murphy's final autopsy have been released. Pills, lots of pills. RIP, sweetpea. ~ Yeeeah!

* RIP, Boner. Let's take it easy on the death toll, 2010. ~ MTV News

* Simon Cowell is engaged. That's one bold lady! It takes a "special someone" to stand being judged on a daily basis. ~ D-Listed

* Mischa Barton's car was towed the other day. I wonder if that's where she stashed the weed? ~ Celebslam

* See Kendra Wilkinson's "clubbin" look. Hint - fish lips are involved. ~ Kendra's Blog

* Ever wanted to see Nicolas Cage's face superimposed on your favorite star? Now you can! ~ Nic Cage As Everyone

* Someone please explain to me what Anne Hathaway is doing with her boobs in this dress.  ~ Litely Salted

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[Photo Credit: Nic Cage is Olympian Apolo Ohno, from the hilarious and extraordinarily clever website, Nic Cage As Everyone. Thanks to Jake from Fake Book Covers for the head's up!]

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