The Stripper, The Baby And A Slippery Pole

josh-duhamel-fergie-jogging.jpgRemember the rumor flying around awhile back about Josh Duhamel cheating on wife Fergie (aka Stacey Ferguson) with a stripper? It was a hot story - until Tiger Woods raised (or lowered, depending on your perspective) the bar on "acceptable amounts of side action." Well, Josh's stripper is back to rear her ugly head - and this time she says she's with child. His child. Dayum. Details via Showbiz Spy

[Josh Duhamel is set to become a dad if these latest reports are to be believed! Nicole Forrester -- the stripper who Josh allegedly had an affair with this past fall -- has been telling friends that she is "95 percent certain" she's carrying the married actor's unborn child.

"Yes, I'm pregnant," Forrester said, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer. "Yes, it's probably Josh's. I haven't decided what I'm going to do."

Although the Transformers star -- who's wed to Black Eyed Peas star Fergie -- vehemently denied claims of an affair, Nicole passed a rigorous independently administered polygraph test that showed she was telling the truth about her marathon sex session with the 37-year-old actor.

"Nicole told me she's three-and-a-half months pregnant. She said, 'I'm carrying a million dollar baby!'" a source added.]

I like how Nicole hedges her bets and mentions that "it's probably Josh's." That is pure class. You don't want to shut out other potential baby daddies - that really starts off a pregnancy on the wrong foot. Rumor had it that Josh was still texting Nicole as recently as mid-November, so who knows. Can a steamy sex-text get you preggers? It sounds like Forrester is willing to find out. Of course there was Duhamel and Ferguson's high profile cliffside renewal of their vows - but Josh is an actor, so he could fake his way through anything with a smile on his face. That being said, I think Forrester is damn crazy. You know it's bad when even the National Enquirer is skeptical of your claims. The tabloid says

[However, that seems unlikely. Nicole previously told The ENQUIRER that she and Josh had safe sex during their tryst.]

Blown by your own cover. Ironic. I don't know what kind of vendetta Nicole must have against Josh and Fergie - but she seems hellbent on making their lives miserable. Josh does seem like a player and I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on this story - but my guess is that Duhamel doesn't need to start saving up for diaper duty anytime soon...

[Photo Credit: You can't outrun those pesky rumors.]

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