Jennifer, Gerard And A Bomb

gerard-butler-jen-aniston-w-cover.jpgI'll give credit where credit is due - Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler executed their flirty movie promotional duties to a T, clinging to the notion that they'd fallen for each other long after the jig was up. Now that The Bounty Hunter has had its premiere, can we please all move on? They've safely delivered the film to the theater (for what that's worth) and the romance bullshit is noticeably cooling down. Finally! Details, via Celebitchy

[Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are still making headlines after their appearances at the world premiere of The Bounty Hunter in London last night. During her appearance on GMTV this morning, Aniston was asked if she would ever get back together with a former lover, and she replied: "Absolutely. When you dated before maybe you were at a time in your life when you're not ready and not mature enough to make a big commitment. But people change and you learn to accept the good and the bad." So, of course, OK! Magazine and other are screaming that she's "open" to getting back together with Brad Pitt. But I'm kind of hoping this was her siren call to Tate Donovan. He's on Damages now, and he rocks the Kasbah. Seriously, let's hope she wasn't considering getting back with John Mayer. Jennifer also told GMTV that she thinks Gerard Butler is "lovely, he's a real nice guy. But it seems I get linked to all my co-stars. There seems to be a formula - if you make a movie together, then you must be dating in real life. I don't know who starts those rumors but I'm learning to ignore them." Chuckle. No comment.

As for Gerard, he told the press on the red carpet that he and Jennifer "have a blast together and she appreciates that Celtic manner." Aniston eats haggis? That's the headline! Butler also said: "There's nothing diva-ish about her, she's very down to earth, very sure of herself and who she is, and I'm like a little kid, who doesn't take myself too seriously...We had a fun script and a great director, so we just had to dive in and it was a blast."]

Great. Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled program where Jennifer longs for Brad and Gerard bangs every chick in sight. I'm more comfortable on familiar terrain. 

[W magazine cover: No. Just no. Terrible job on the airbrushing. They both look horribly uncomfortable. This makes me feel bad for Jen because W is the undisputed territory of Brangelina. I'm rooting for you Jen, but constipation doesn't look sexy on anyone.]

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