Oh, This Should Be Gooood

And when I say "good," I mean "bad." Surprise, it's opposite day! Katie Holmes has snagged herself an actressin' job, y'all! Well, I'll be damned. It's not like her career situation is as dire as Lindsay Lohan's - Tom Cruise will make sure Katie has a roof over her head, though he might not always feed her. However, Katie's gamble to sell her soul in exchange for an A-list acting career hasn't exactly panned out - in case you haven't noticed. The roles have been few and far between; and those Holmes have taken haven't exactly been critically lauded. Now she's thrown a twist in the works by "agreeing" to star in a television mini-series about the Kennedys. Katie will play Jackie Kennedy to Greg Kinnear's JFK. Frankly I'm less worried about Katie - my true concern lies with Greg. Kinnear is a seriously fabulous, albeit underrated, actor. I have no doubt he'll bring the grace, power and playboy to the John F. Kennedy role. But will Katie's stank taint his quiet but stellar career? You'd better hire yourself a top-notch acting coach, Holmes. I will cut you if you mess with my Kinnear. 

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