Hmm - I'm Beginning To Think Julianne Hough Has An Agenda

Photos of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough frolicking on the beach have been released! And when I say "released," I mean "conveniently placed." Casual attire? Check. Loving glances/ "eyes only for each other"? Double check. Faux "caught in the act" look? Yep. And bonus points for frolicking with Julianne's dog! Saccharin details, via PopSugar

[Ryan Seacrest and rumored love interest Julianne Hough certainly looked like more than friends as they walked with friends in Malibu on Sunday. The blond duo had their arms around each other as they played with her dog in the sand and even with a whole group of people around them, Ryan and Julianne only had eyes for each other. Ryan is one of the hardest working people in Hollywood and always keeps us entertained with his funny Twitter picture updates so we're happy to see that he's somehow managed to find time for romantic beachy strolls, too. We predicted hot new Summer couples this season and Ryan and Julianne certainly fit the bill in their perfectly picturesque setting!]

OMG - I think I just got a cavity from reading that post. Someone's publicist is earning his or her paycheck today! They say there're at least two sides to every story. Here's a little something, for those who like their coffee black. Details, via Crazy Days & Nights

[Hey look. Julianne Hough must want to be a movie actress now. How do I know this? She is dating Dane Cook. When she was a nobody on Dancing With The Stars she started dating as many high profile guys as possible to get noticed. That worked. Then she decided she wanted to be a country singer so started dating Chuck Wicks to go on tour with him. She got that and dumped him. She tried dating Jared Followill of Kings Of Leon, but I'm guessing he saw through her and dumped her.]

Let's see: she dated a country music star when she wanted a country music career. She dated a super hot indie rocker when she wanted to raise her cred profile. And she dated Dane Cook when she wanted to lose weight. Laughing really hard at unfunny jokes expends a lot of energy; people do it on this site everyday! I'm second only to Weight Watchers in effectiveness*. And now Julianne has allegedly hooked up with entertainment industry titan Ryan Seacrest. I have some love in my heart for Ryan, since he's partially responsible for bringing so much dirty reality television to my favorite channel, E!. Yes, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of my (numerous) guilty pleasures. There, I said it. Not that Ryan isn't getting something out of the deal as well. He's not exactly known for his raging hot love life. Is Hough looking for a tidy T.V. program deal, or is it true love? Time will tell! Oops, time's up. Spoiler alert: it's the former. 

*Claims not yet evaluated by the FDA. 

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