Talk About A Hangover!

Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover films, Old School (my personal favorite) and many more has committed an act far dirtier than any of the characters in his raunchy movies - he's hooked up with Paris Hilton. All together now...."Ewww!" Details, via The Daily Mail

[It seems Paris Hilton has had no problems in getting over her bitter split with former love Cy Waits. The reality TV star has been pictured locking lips with Hangover director Todd Phillips at a star-studded celebrity party. She was spotted enjoying a steamy clinch with the 40-year-old movie mogul at an Independence Day weekend beach house bash in Malibu, California.


A partygoer said: "They were getting very friendly and they didn't mind who saw. Paris couldn't keep his [sic. Pretty sure Hilton is a she, despite the prominent size of her hands and feet. - ed] hands off Todd, and he was loving the attention. He looked like the cat who got the cream." [I'm sure one of them will be eating cream soon! Had to go there. - ed.] Scottish ladies man Gerard Butler and Phillips' Hangover buddy Bradley Cooper were among the other attendees.


The 30-year-old heiress was spotted heading home from the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood with him on Thursday. A very relaxed and happy looking Hilton rode in the passenger seat as Todd drove the pair home in his car. Paris and Todd have been friends for several years, and at one point Paris was rumoured to be starring in The Hangover 2, which has been a box office smash despite being universally panned by critics.]

It's been reported that Hangover 3 is already in the works. Coincidental timing on Hilton's part or true love? As if we have to ask! Check out Todd's cameo in Old School above for the most prophetic line he's ever uttered. I guess he knew a date with Paris was in his future!

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