Uncool Bermuda Tropic Thunder?

Thumbnail image for jennifer-aniston-&-her-perfect-butt.jpgIt will never die, folks. NEVER. We'll all go to our graves before the "uncool" actions of Angelina Jolie will be forgiven. Our children's children will learn of the "insane Bermuda triangle" in school. Much like cotton, the Aniston/Pitt/Jolie drama is woven into the fabric of our lives. 

So, on that note, I guess it's good to learn there's more! Like a washcloth you just can't seem to wring dry, the tabloids have found one more drop of water to squeeze out of this mess. This time Brad Pitt is allowed to stay at home and play with the kids because the ladies are fighting over a new man. Details from Jezebel, via In Touch:

["Jen's Nightmare: Angelina Wants Her Man!" has a deck which reads: "Angelina Jolie wasn't content stealing Jennifer Aniston's husband -- now she's set her evil eyes on Justin Theroux!" Allegedly, Angie is trying to set up a project in which she and Justin would work together. Harlot. Still, the mag questions, "Made For Each Other?" since Angie and Justin both like motorcycles, tattoos and collecting strange things.]

Instead of helping Jen pen The Goree Girls during her year-long break, perhaps Justin can write Tropic Thunder 2 in which Aniston and Jolie could battle it out the way we've always dreamed - on the big screen! 

[Photo Credit: Eye catching, isn't it?]

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